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Our team is dedicated to helping patients access medications and therapies needed so they can enjoy active, fulfilling lives.

  • Prior Authorization Assistance (PAA)

    Prior Authorization Assistance (PAA)

    At Epic Pharmacy, our commitment to helping each patient achieve the best possible outcomes is unwavering. This is why we provide a comprehensive offering that allows us to truly partner with each patient's personal care team - including physicians and insurance providers. As part of this, Epic Pharmacy proudly provides support with Prior Authorizations to ensure patients get access to the medications they need in a timely manner. This also takes the administrative burden off of physician practices so they can focus on what they do best - providing care and attention to their patients.


    At Epic Pharmacy, we understand the importance of preventing and transmitting HIV. Fortunately, PrEP was approved in 2012 and stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. It means that a medication can be taken for this purpose. PEP stands for Post-ExPosure. It means that a medication regimen can be taken if you have been exposed to HIV.

    Financial Assistance
  • Financial Assistance

    Financial Assistance

    Epic Pharmacy is unmatched when it comes to the dedicated community of support we provide patients in the management of their complex health conditions. This includes a serious commitment to finding ways to reduce the financial burden on you. We proudly offer you access to a team of professionals who are dedicated to building relationships with various assistance programs and initiatives to ensure you get your medications at the lowest possible cost.

  • Patient Assistance Program (PAP)

    We believe it's imperative that a pharmacy partner be highly involved in all aspects of a patient's care to ensure proper management of their condition (which includes an understanding of how it fits into their current life situation). Epic Pharmacy proudly provides a Patient Assistance Program (PAP) for those low-income individuals or families who are under-insured or uninsured and meet the eligibility guidelines. For individuals who think they may qualify, we will work side-by-side to discuss your options and what requirements are needed to qualify for assistance.

    Patient Assistance Program (PAP)