We are now offering Pre Exposure Prophylaxis to help you prevent unnecessary HIV contraction if your lifestyle puts you in AIDS jeopardy.

PrEP Medication in OKC

Access to PrEP with Confidentiality

PrEP is one of the best things you can do to protect yourself against HIV infection. Used daily, it's up to 99% effective at preventing HIV infection, and if taken consistently it's also been shown to reduce transmission risk by 92%.

PrEP is a powerful tool to reduce the rate of new HIV infections, but many people don't know that you can get it for free. Epic Pharmacy OKC has a solution to that. Visit our location or contact us by phone if interested in learning more about PrEP. We honour your privacy so you will be served with due confidentiality.

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    Who Should Take PrEP Medication?

    PrEP is for people who do not have HIV and are ready to take a pill for HIV prevention.

    You should consider taking PrEP if you:

    1. Do not always use condoms during sex
    2. Recently had a sexually transmitted infection (STI)
    3. Have a partner who has HIV and a detectable or unknown viral load
    4. Are trying to conceive with a partner who has HIV
    5. Have a partner who has an unknown HIV status or who refuses to get an HIV test
    6. Have sex for money, drugs or a place to stay
    7. Inject drugs or have a partner who injects drugs

Our pharmacists and nurses are dedicated to helping patients understand prophylaxis and how to access this therapy from a physician. We will provide you with education, help you find a provider and process your prescription through your insurance plan. It’s a simple process and starts with a call to us (1-800-950-2919) and then a visit to a physician who has expertise with PrEP.

Consistently since 2012, Epic Pharmacy has been highly recommended by physicians, including Infectious Disease Specialists because of our sincere focus on patients. It’s true, we care about patients, but we are also committed to community advocacy and educating the public about the prevention of HIV.

Medication Access

Epic Pharmacy provides patients with their medication and drug information. It is shipped, without cost, directly to the patient or another route of delivery or pick-up can be coordinated. Our healthcare team is committed to providing the best service, which is both confidential and individualized based on a patients’ specific needs. Whether you will be taking your medication for a short period of time or continuously, we recognize the importance of starting your medication when needed.

Insurance & Billing

Our reimbursement specialists handle coordination of benefits and are attentive to real life issues and the cost of PrEP. We gladly assist in prior authorization approval and accept the majority of insurance plans. Because cost could be a concern for some patients, our team is your advocate. We work diligently to find other financial assistance if needed.

Medication Delivery

Epic Pharmacy ensures that you receive your medication timely by providing complimentary delivery directly to your home. We can also coordinate other medications as well.


At Epic Pharmacy, taking this step to start medication for PrEP may create many questions. Our team is here to support you and find the answers you need. Though not intended to replace medical advice from a qualified physician, resource links can provide additional information and support.