Epic Pharmacy is well versed in gastrointestinal disorders. Compounding plays an important role in the treatment of gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.

Personalized Approach

A Personalized Approach to the Patient Experience

Epic Pharmacy has the experience to help patients with GI complaints. We pride ourselves in being the medicinal problem solvers, and together, we can improve the quality of life of patients.

We review all of the medications our patients are taking. Then we dive deep into their medical history to provide complete medication therapy management. This comprehensive standard of care means higher adherence levels and healthier patients.

  • Disease Progression

    1. Reducing and/or Delaying Disease Progression
    2. Enhancing Patient’s Quality of Life and Satisfaction
    3. Keeping Patients in the Workforce and/or School Longer
    4. Decreasing Healthcare Costs
    5. Monitor Medication Adherence
    6. Managing Medication Side Effects
    7. Recognizing and Responding to Suboptimal Responses to Therapy

    If you’re living with an inflammatory bowel disease we’re here for you.